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There are many opportunities for Scandia Elementary students to become more involved with their school. These activities allow students to develop their academic and social skills while enriching our school climate.

Student Ambassadors

Scandia Elementary is excited to launch our new Student Ambassadors Program for the 2016-2017 school year! The Scandia Student Ambassadors Program was created as a way to combine the leadership of Student Council with the service and mission of Peace Team. This new team will be a group of 3rd - 6th graders who will service as a voice for the students and represent them at regular meetings. Some of the responsibilities will include:
  • Coordinating student activities
  • Developing student morale
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Solving problems and making decisions
  • Developing community service projects
  • Building better communication
  • Promoting school spirit and pride
  • Welcoming visitors to our building and acting as a guide
Destination Imagination (DI)

The Destination Imagination Team is a group of students chosen through an application process. The applications are reviewed by former Destination coaches and participants. The DI team builds on the participants' creativity, collaboration and leadership skills in order to encourage competence in and enthusiam for real life problem solving. Teamwork is developed by learning and utilizing Creative Problem Solving methods and tools. The tournaments that the students enter are a celebration and culmination of the work the team has accomplished and the processes that have been acquired. Scandia Elementary has established a strong tradition of excellence in Destination Imagination tournaments.

Star Mart

The Scandia School Store, "Star Mart" is operated by fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who were selected through an application process. These future entrepreneurs work at least one Friday each month at the store during their recess time. Students are involved in merchandising, marketing, inventory and sales. Students also take an active role in learning the roles of manager, accountant, and sales clerk.

Scandia Elementary News Network--SENN--is the weekly news show that is broadcast throughout the school. Interested students are involved in newscasting, video taping, and computer technology with the focus on media production. Each Friday classrooms tune in to channel 14 to listen to the opening words of "Welcome to SENN.." so they can hear the latest events and happenings at Scandia Elementary School.